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Broad prospects for development

Author: OuYa Time : 2016/3/18

Those who object to survive on Earth to the most longevity of wood, old for thousands of towering old trees are still alive today, even after harvest timber would still survive.
Late century AD, built the world's oldest wooden structure of the building, such as Japan, Horyuji Temple, when the repair was found among the wooden beams still exudes pine fragrance, proof trees built behind the house, can continue to survive more than a millennium. Wood is not only long life, when sent to the modern building technology today, treated special technology, wood can fire, corrosion and moisture. Chalet not only cool, moisture resistance moisture, breathable, also implies a rich cultural atmosphere, simple and elegant; can adjust the humidity of the rainy season, when the humidity is large chalet can automatically absorb moisture, it will own cells from drying the release of water, play a natural role of regulation; the role of wood as well as antibacterial, sterilization, pest control.
Chalet enjoy "breathing house" in the world, is a green, healthy, comfortable living, security, close to nature, long service life and design unique personality, and many other advantages of a healthy residential; it's built, you can casual personalized style design modeling, short construction period, building houses all products are from natural wood, environmental pollution, high structural strength, good seismic performance, meet environmental, safety and health requirements of residential and very fit human habitation.
Chalet living up not only safe, comfortable, and purchase log house is a very safe investment, has great appreciation potential. From rising timber prices can be seen in value added, rare, the world's forest resources become increasingly scarce, desertification increasingly serious, many countries have no forest to be cutting position, including deforestation China has increasingly made the more stringent restrictions. Even in Canada, the world's most abundant forest resources of the country, the virgin forest felling of trees also have a clear plan, a period of at least 80 years.
Our government on the development of health and environmental protection, energy saving and ecological point of supportive housing, and the rapid development of Chinese economy, the real estate development market to bring a broader, more standardized, higher level of development space and opportunities, visionary developer has begun its rational as its own investment products, in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hong Kong and other major cities sprung wood frame house heat. Log house in China has a broad market