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Life is full of sunshine and wood

Author: OuYa Time : 2016/3/18

Life is full of sunshine and wood aromas

Some experts agreed that: people living in wooden houses with the best, as long as the use of modern science and technology, building new huts expected longevity. They are based on: object enumerate existence on earth, trees longest life. Not only thousands of years old of towering old trees are still alive today, and after harvest timber also still alive.
For example, Japan, Horyuji Temple, is the world's oldest wooden building built in the late seventh century, it has been found among the wooden beams still exudes the fragrance of cypress trees, the building can continue to prove after trees survived more than 1200 at the time of repair. The experts also done this experiment: The rats were put into three pairs of wood, metal and cement box, and gave birth to three mice were 15 to 18 pups in the box when the outside temperature 25 ℃ ~ 27 ℃ environment, after three weeks in a wooden box pups survive more than ninety percent, metal and cement box, only 4% of pups survive.
Chalet can adjust the humidity in the rainy season, when the humidity is large chalet it will automatically absorb moisture, will release water from their own cells when drying, as a natural air conditioner.
Wooden villas are natural wood structural building materials, natural affinity, it is the most suitable for human habitation building. Wooden villas within phytoncid rich and negative ions known as air vitamins, can clear the air of bacteria, enhance immunity, the human body to improve memory, lower blood pressure, make people feel comfortable and other significant effects.
Wooden villas specifications for its use of wood structural features, layout more flexible. Our designers can live according to the requirements of households and family members claim, tailored Villa patterns and functions, the utilization rate of 85% -90%, so that
Villa interior pattern has better integrity and practical effect. Wooden villas by the external climate is very small, like a natural air conditioner, reasonable design and layout, the right amount to absorb the sun's rays, living life feeling like spring, cool. Good sound privacy, not only embodies the concept of ecological health, leaving a sense of living fully upgraded.