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Chalet introduced species

Author: OuYa Time : 2016/3/18

Cottages on different architectural styles and the use of raw materials divided into: light American wood houses, villas Continental original Wood, wood beams structure villa.
American light wooden villa
North American wood frame construction is the most popular form of architecture in North America, wood-frame structure has more than 100 years of history. In the United States and most of Canada, today we can still find 100 years ago, built residential and commercial buildings. According to statistics, in 1997 the United States about 113 new single-family housing 18,000 buildings, of which 92% use wood structure. In addition, the built 330,009 one thousand multi-storey residential, the vast majority also uses wood structure.
In recent years, Chinese construction sector and vigorously promote the new concept of green environmental protection and energy saving, wood-frame structure with its own advantages and get a good development. In early 2004, the Chinese Ministry of Construction and the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine jointly issued a wood frame structure design code (GB50005-2003), designed to provide the basis for China's wooden structure.
January 2012 No. 21, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China and the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China jointly issued the wooden structure Engineering Construction Quality Acceptance (GB50206-2012) to further strengthen the wood structural engineering construction quality management, ensure the quality of the wood structural engineering.
Continental original Wood House
Because most of the European region in the northern hemisphere wood villa construction materials used in the alpine zone so not to cut timber processing based on the outer walls greater use of the whole piece of timber, to achieve the role of wind cold, European-style villa logs appear in appearance more rugged, wind rating stronger cold resistance of the outer wall to be reflected in the overall portion of the bureau no difference with other villas.
Wooden beams structure villa
Beams industry personnel structure has been called the heavy wooden house, because it is mainly based on the large wooden-based, larger area, not structurally complete with wooden beams used to butt steel housing to connect the main components to achieve better load-bearing effect, the general huts such relatively large area, it can reach three huts building standards.