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Service , not sales end , but a new starting point. Service is targeted at people , the service is simply life . For Eurasia , the product home , is the brand new life and continuation of life . It is put , it is a production . Eurasian pursuit, is to allow users to get real satisfaction . From a broader sense, the Eurasian services from product development stage since the beginning, it is the ultimate goal of human life .
Eurasian Service Center · General Conditions of Service :

The first Eurasian service aim: customer first - " completely satisfied with customer service ."
Second Eurasia service center Service Work:

" Six a " home service code of conduct :
Home services, must a unified overalls ; door Xianxiang users Tao sentence: "Here you fill in trouble ! " ; Drink users a saliva ; does not suck users cigarette ; please fill out a service user monitor card ; gift customers a and small souvenirs.

"Six free " services :
Call the service by pay phone ; free delivery ; provided free dedicated floor glue ; provide free special floor mats ; free installation services ; provide free consulting services .

" Six assurance" measures:
Product lifetime service system ; maintenance service system throughout the day , whether good or bad weather , timely compliance maintenance ; User Profile system , use a file created for each user ; returning customer complaints system ; service network system , the country has 36 service centers, the nearest service center to provide services to users at any time ; full service incentive system . Give yourself a highest score is not perfect : ninety-nine of the pursuit of " very satisfied " : Stick to allow users of the service satisfaction.

Article VI Eurasian service system image of unity .
3.1 service center construction workers wear uniforms - Eurasian work clothes ;
3.2 Uniform service center staff to wear "Eurasian badge ."
Article IV Eurasian establishment of a national service hotline 0576 -85,386,006 ; each region to establish a local service hotline , set up manned and standardize terminology courtesy phone .
Article positive legacy to help customers solve product quality problems, and provide details to the customer how to use , maintain , maintenance and a series of guidance ;
Article positive solution to all construction quality customer feedback problems and provide solutions within 48 hours and give a solution ;
Article VII of the opinions and demands respect for customers , communicate with customers to civility and courtesy.
Article VIII -site construction services to be clean and tidy ; protect customers of furniture, equipment and decoration intact.
Article IX improve service quality, brand image .
Article enables the user to achieve the highest level of satisfaction is our goal to pursue. The face of our "God" , we offer the best quality and best service .