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Taizhou Eurasian Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional wooden houses , wooden house , eco huts wooden structure mainly to the boardwalk , boardwalk , wooden pergolas , pavilions and other landscape supplemented wooden architecture decoration enterprises . The company has a group of senior design team , professional and efficient construction ability , first-class technical staff, a unique production process and the world’s advanced level of corrosion, moisture , fire and other processing techniques . Engineering and technical personnel using modern wood design theory, combined with the engineering practice experience to ensure that all the successful and timely completion of the project to undertake .

Our products are exported to all over the world,most of products export to Europe and America ,Japan,Korea.ect. The capacity of annual production is very strong, it Can meet all kinds of different levels of consumption level of demand in consumer spending.

Russian imports of high-quality companies to use pine as raw material, smoked dry, de- grease, processing toughness, equilibrium moisture content and other processes , to pest control , termite results. According to the Japanese wooden house fire safety standards , the company produced wooden villa in Japan, 22 fire area construction .

The company first-class design team, professional workforce, advanced production equipment , for you to create a natural , healthy and comfortable private villas. Companies with an annual output of up to 100 sets of wooden villas.